Regenerative Reset

a 30- day metamorphosis, a shift in consciousness or perception.

Renewal. An awakening into new possibility.

A rebirth.



We humans are a direct reflection of how we interact with nature. When we are at war with nature, we find ourselves at war with our own bodies. But when we align ourselves with the intelligence of nature, we find ourselves in a beautiful alignment within our own body. 


The most prominent and consistent ways we interact with nature is through our food. Not only do we use food for energy, but it provides our bodies with the essentials to keep our body systems functioning. This has impacts on the way we absorb nutrients, use them, and remove them from the body; but this also matters to our daily outlook on life and ultimately changes the way we show up and participate in life. 


Unfortunately, due to modern agricultural practices, our soil has become sterile and depleted of the life-giving vitamins, minerals, and building blocks of life we need in order to survive and thrive. We have destroyed the soil through routine practices like tilling and using pesticides and herbicides (see: glyphosate) so much that we are now in a nutrient-deficiency crisis in our food supply. 


Thankfully, there is a better way — regenerative agriculture. Through regenerative agriculture, plants are grown and animals are raised using indigenous techniques and wisdom that work with nature instead of against. The practices maintain the integrity of the soil and therefore build vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids into the food we later consume. All of this happens while also drawing down carbon from the atmosphere and cleaning up our water ways. 


Finding this food readily available at this point in history, though, is a challenge. 




This is where the 30-Day Lifestyle Transformation comes in. With non-gmo food grown in regenerative soils, we tap into the clarity, joy, and vibrancy of life from the cellular level through the food we eat — not just what we eat, but how it is grown. 


This program is 30 days of combining the principles of regenerative health through an alkaline lifestyle and with regenerative agriculture for deep cellular nourishment. It is designed to support cellular nourishment, a healthy immune function, increased energy levels, mental clarity, strength, weight loss or weight gain by focusing on absorption and by supporting hormonal balance. 


We work with whole food nutrition from the highest quality. All of the ingredients are raw, sprouted, and wind dehydrated at 86 degrees F. This preserves the food’s enzymatic and nutritional value. 


We work on strengthening, cleansing, alkalizing, and detoxing glyphosate out of the body which is necessary for gut microbiome health and for cellular communication.

And because everyone is unique in their stories and their journeys, we customize this experience to fit your individual needs.




We all participate in agriculture because we all eat, and therefore anyone can benefit from realigning with nature through the foods we consume. 


The 30 day transformation is led by highly trained healers passionate about regenerative health. You’ll receive support from me directly along your journey, and you will also have access to live weekly Q&A zooms with Regenerative Detox Specialists to answer any questions you may have. We want to see people thriving vs. surviving and we know that happens best when you’re connected. 




The 30 day transformation includes two superfood meals a day. The cost breaks down to $10.50/day. 


This program greatly reduces my grocery bill due to its nutritional quality. Sugars, stimulants, and processed foods begin to fall away naturally. To order your transformation kit, connect with the person who shared this information with you to get a 25% discount, and hop on a consult to customize this to your needs. Ingredients and kit here.


What does it look like? 


First things first, there are no calorie restrictions! You can eat as much as you need to fulfill your energy outputs. We encourage incorporating as many fresh, organic, and seasonal fruits and veggies into your lifestyle as possible to get the best results. 


We have wonderful recipe books and snack ideas in our private transformation group. The superfoods cover two meals a day, and you’ll want to cover one meal a day plus snacks as needed.

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Step one: You’ll wake up and start your day with lemon water and 5 plant based amino acid tablets. These tablets are from whole foods and are predigested for easy assimilation. They have a net nitrogen utilization of 99%. 


Most of the proteins we eat on a daily basis, whether plant based or animal based, have an NNU of 11%-32%. This means our kidneys have to eliminate 89%-62% of the waste from non-utilized protein. 


This places a huge burden on our kidneys and on our liver. As you will learn, kidney filtration is the golden key to cellular regeneration and is an important driver to get out of chronic pain. 


Plant based aminos support energy production, lean muscle tone, bone and connective tissue support, skin toning, and mental cognition while giving the kidney’s and the liver a break. 


Step two: When you get hungry you’ll have your sprouted shake. It’s delicious and smooth. Even kids love them! These shakes help us to balance our hormones, and produce healthy levels of of adiponectin so you can find your best weight. Just add 2-5tbs of the powder to water, depending on how hungry you are. I also recommend starting the day with fresh fruits to hydrate and alkalize your body.


Step Three: With your shake you’ll take your Biome Medic. This is our gut microbiome repair. 


And why is that important? 

  • 70% of our immune function is in our gut. 

  • 90% of our happy hormone, serotonin, is produced in our gut.  


Biome Medic removes 75% of glyphosate and 74% of c-reactive protein (inflammation) from the body . It remineralizes and restores our gut microbiome diversity and supports nutrient absorption. This is safe for pregnant and nursing mamas. I recommend starting with 2 capsules of Biome Medic/day.

You’ll have your aminos, shake and your biomedic 2x/day.


Step four: In the evening time before bed, you’ll have your tart cherry juice concentrate. This supports kidney filtration as well as resets our circadian rhythms and supports REM sleep which is important for memory, mood and learning. I love mine in a wine glass at night or with warm water as tea. The recommended dose is 1-2 tbs/serving. 


First ten days: In the first ten days you will ease into your transformation by incorporating the superfoods and begin cleaning up your diet from processed foods, sugars and stimulants. 


Middle ten days: In the middle ten days we recommend cleaning your diet up even more by incorporating a plant based lifestyle with as many fresh whole fruits and veggies as possible. During this ten days well add in our parasite cleanse (not recommended for pregnant or nursing mamas, save for a later date or share with your partner). This is important for cleaning up our internal terrain and for supporting emotional well being and nutrient absorption. 


Last ten days: The final ten days we will move into maintenance.  


*We have intermittent fasting and regenerative protocols to deepen your experience as well as athlete protocols.


What Happens Next? 


The 30 Day Transformation is not a crash diet or quick fix. It’s just as the name says — a transformation. 


To support your ongoing healing, we recommend maintaining a modified version of the 30 days to include the plant based aminos, sprouted shake, Biome Medic, and tart cherry juice. 


This ongoing support will be customized for your needs and health goals. 




To join us in our mission to create a healthier and more empowered planet reach out to us and we’ll share more information with you!

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Here are your transformation kit options!


*consult with your dr. before making lifestyle shifts.

this is our raw, sprouted, and gluten-free option:


Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation

*to customize your kit hop on a complimentary call so we can support you in your goals!

for a coffee substitute, energy, and pre-workout drink:


add our Can’t beet this to your order! This oxygenates the body at the cellular level and is amazing for athletes, energy and focus.

for adrenal support:


Add our Bee energetic or our White American Ginseng to your order. The adrenals work synergistically with the kidneys to achieve kidney filtration.

Adrenal exhaustion is noted by; dark circles under your eyes, tiredness throughout your day, irritability, emotional ups and downs, pain and inflammation in the body, a hard time with focus and sleep, and attention deficit.

our grain-free option: (kit coming soon)


For people with grain sensitivities, we also have a grain-free option!

1 Biomedic

2 Apothe-Cherry

2 Super Aminos

1 Green Spectrum

1 Biofruit

1 Kids Epigenious

1 Super Cleanse R (parasite cleanse) *not while pregnant or breastfeeding

See this kit here

purity and quality


The History of Purium with Amy Venner

Transparency Statement: I make a small commission on these products. As a researcher, concerned citizen, and health coach, I fully stand behind the quality and the purity of these products and their contributions to making the world a cleaner, healthier place for everyone. Additionally, the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation has many touchpoints of support offered for free, and the only way that's possible is due to this small commission!