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Functional Medicine Health Coaching

What is functional medicine health coaching? 

Let’s start with the first part - functional medicine. If you think for a moment about plants - plants in your garden , around the home, on your walk to work - they all have unique environments needed in order to thrive. Different light needs, different preferred temperatures, different soil compositions. We, as humans, are very similar. We each thrive differently with a unique combination of food, movement, sleep, relaxation, and relationships. And that’s how functional medicine works. We begin knowing you have everything you need inside of you to heal, and then we craft an artisan lifestyle for you to live into that full, whole, vibrant place.


Coaching, on the other hand, is working in tandem with a healer who creates space for people to freely and openly see themselves, working towards realistic goals crafted specifically for you. The coach’s role is not to “fix” you, but is to call out and up the strengths within you, invite your inner healer to the table, and to foster an environment for you to take back the agency in your own life. 


Together, a functional medicine health coach is someone who uses the tools of food, movement, sleep, relaxation, and relationships along with questions, reflections, and encouragement to help you move towards health and wholeness. It’s a process that is about your journey, your ideas, your dreams and visions for your life, and a coach is there to partner with you in the process of uncovering the path.

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What happens because of health coaching? 


Together, we can achieve the fullest, vibrant, most whole version of you. We can address symptoms and underlying causes of pain, discomfort, and lack of energy. We will craft unique goals and take action steps towards them. We’ll identify key motivators and we will get you out of the stuck place. We’ll set you on a path to long term health, one that is sustainable and personal, and one that invites others into the beauty of health and wholeness.

Think coaching is right for you?

My base rate for coaching is $64 per hour. However, if this is a hinderance to you accessing support on your journey, I am happy to discuss this with you.

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