• Kristyn Emmer

Can Your Health Save The World?

Updated: May 7, 2020

I had the gift of being interviewed on a radio show (now turned into a podcast) by a student here in St Andrews, talking all about human health and planetary health. Here's what she said...

"We can only be as healthy as our planet is because in the end we are part of our planet. We are the Earth. Human and planetary health are interconnected. More than ever our current times are revealing to us the importance of health and how interconnected we all are on this planet. Last Friday just before everything started to shut down in St Andrews due to convid-19 I had the pleasure of recording -now likely the last radio show of the semester- with Kristyn Emmer Whitaker a functional medicine health coach, career advisor and the Uni Hall warden in St Andrews. We discussed health, wellbeing, soil and sustainability to address the question: can your health save the world? The podcast is now live. Link in my bio. I hope you enjoy this podcast episode and that it fills you with positive energy. Be kind to yourself, to each other and to the planet in these difficult times. Love, Léa"

You can listen here, or wherever you enjoy your podcasts most.

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