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Nourishing Foundations

for People & Planet

Why does regenerative eating matter to our health and healing?

100 years ago, all food was organic. This food was grown in clean, mineral-rich soil and pure water. Chemicals, herbicides, and pesticides were not in the picture. 

Today, we are faced with a global health crisis of undernourishment and over toxicity. Childhood cancer and autism is on the rise, and autoimmunity has become a norm. Real food has been replaced by corporate-produced, addictive and processed food-like substances. Our soil has been destroyed and depleted of mineral content through monocropping and the promotion of practices that harm rather than support the earth to flourish. 


Whether aware of it or not, almost all people on the planet feel the impact of this in their lives on a physical, mental, emotional and for many, spiritual level.


And despite our best efforts to eat clean and well, unless we are sourcing all of our food from farmers who grow food in an area with clean water and soil (with neighbors that have clean water and soil), then we struggle to avoid chemicals and find nutrients in our food. 


What is the way forward? 


Regenerative organic agriculture is the way. 


This way of growing food mimics nature and uses indigenous wisdom to steward the land well. And when we use the land well, it takes care of us. This is the beautiful part -- we aren’t separate from nature. We are nature. 


And regenerative organic agriculture paves the way for regenerative health. 


Here is the foundation of how we can heal tissue, restore energy and clarity, and get out of pain and suffering. 

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Amino acids are the building blocks of life. Without them, we cannot have elastic skin, proper muscle structure and function, healthy organ tissue, or sufficient neurological activity. 

  • Aminos 23 is a vegan, predigested legume protein that is absorbed through your lymphatic system into your muscles within 23 minutes. 

  • This 99% result available protein doesn’t take energy from your vital organs to digest. Usually, food that has to travel through your digestive tracts is anywhere between 9-34% digested, leaving our kidneys to filter out the rest. This can cause kidney congestion, which blocks the foundation of regenerative health. 



The old adage is “you are what you eat,” but modern science would tell us otherwise — you are what you absorb. Due to the lack of nutrients in our food sources coupled with leaky guts, we as a society don’t digest and absorb nutrients like our ancestors did. Thankfully, food grown in nutrient-dense, non-toxic soils communicate with the cells in our body to readily absorb the nutrients we need.


  • The Power Shake is all of the vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, and complex carbohydrates we need for baseline nutrition. It’s raw, sprouted, alkaline, whole, organic foods. 

  • The ingredients are wind dehydrated between 60-80 degrees F, which means that the fruits and vegetables within it maintain their enzymatic and nutritional value needed for deep cellular healing. 

  • Even better, the foods in this shake are grown in regenerative soils, which means nutrients are actually growing in the soil rather than depleting. All of this goodness the ends up in your food and into your cells to provide you with a deep sense of nourishment and satisfaction. 


Gut Health

Our gut is known as our second brain. It’s where most of the serotonin — our happy hormone — in our body is created and circulated from. Some would also go so far as to say the gut is the seat of our intuition, a spiritual center of our body.


Unfortunately, due to the toxic environment we find ourselves in, our gut is under a constant state of attack. One of those major culprits is glyphosate, an agrochemical that is a widely used antibiotic, a killer of life, circulating in our food system. 


Every person in North America would test positive for glyphosate in their tissues because of this chemical’s water soluble nature. This means that we are exposed to it through our waterways, air, rainfall, and food. Glyphosate stops the absorption of our essential amino acids — the building blocks of life that we can only get through food — and it decimates our microbiome. 


This is a clear road to autoimmune disease. Once glyphosate (and other toxins and food particles) gets into our blood stream, it can cross the blood brain barrier. This is now where the neurological system is under attack — one of the speculated reasons we are seeing a steep rise in neurodegenerative diseases. 

  • Biome Medic is the only supplement on the market that has been clinically proven as a lower gut health supplement to remove 74% of the glyphosate in our body. 

  • Once glyphosate is removed, it heals the damage done by regrowing microvilli in the gut and repairing tight junctions, the healthy boundaries we need in our digestive tracts.

  • Finally, Biome Medic works to repopulate the biodiversity of the gut, which can lead to stronger immune function. 



Sleep and rest are foundational to regenerative health. Without it, we cannot repair damages tissue, regulate our hormones, or integrate learning and memories. 

  • Apothecherry is a tart cherry juice concentrate, which has a trace amount of naturally occurring melatonin to support restorative sleep. 

  • It supports the kidneys to eliminate waste from the body and to clear up lymphatic congestion, which can be passed down from generations past. 

  • Apothecherry is both anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant, which means it can reduce inflammation — the leading cause of disease in the world today — and it can reverse what we call aging and degeneration. 

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Regenerative healing is about a lifestyle change — not a quick fix. What you do around and in support of this basic foundation is equally as important. We will work together to continue to nourish deeply, to flood your body with rich foods, and to move forward taking only what serves you best. 


Because everyone is on their own journey, we will start with a full health assessment and health timeline activity to ensure we are customizing your experience to address your unique needs. You will work with me as a health coach and other regenerative detox specialists to create a lifestyle around this basic foundation that is individualized to your needs and goals. 


Additional coaching can be arranged when mutually agreed between you and me as a health coach to address additional factors like environmental toxins, sleep, and movement. See more information here.

Transparency Statement: I make a small commission on these products. As a researcher, concerned citizen, and health coach, I fully stand behind the quality and the purity of these products and their contributions to making the world a cleaner, healthier place for everyone.