My Soil-Based Medicine Cabinet

Prevention is key, but sometimes a response is necessary. 

I’m the biggest fan of prevention, and most of the time it works. But since becoming a mom, I’ve realized that there are just way more times that I’m fighting fires with health than my pre-parenthood days. 


However, in an effort to continue to support the soil and to keep my home as toxin-free as possible, I am always on the look out for how to cure and treat from home using nature’s intelligence. The soil provides us with infinite solutions if we take the time to listen, observe, and follow, so that’s what I hope this resource will help you do. 


I am in no way a medical professional and nothing in this soil-based medicine cabinet should be taken as medical advice. Please do all of your own research as well and consult your medical team first. Everything you see here has been a tried and true method in my own life and has been a result of years of research and trial-and-error.

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