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hi, I'm Kristyn.

Your Career Co-Designer

You're ready for the transformation of a lifetime.

To step out of the grind for the sake of the grind.

You're here to step into a career that lets you do what matters most. 

Here to light up every cell in your body to propel you into a life filled with meaning, clarity, and groundedness. 

Setting down what is no longer helpful and picking up what makes you uniquely human.

You'll become a designer of your life, bringing your whole self to your aliveness.

To your community. To your family. To your world. 

Let's co-create your new, beautiful reality. 

Who I Am

As your Career Co-Designer, I bring with me: 
  • 12 years of career and health coaching experience 

  • Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach 

  • (nearly) Certified Enneagram Coach 

  • Certified Intrinsic Health Coach with Dr. Zach Bush 

  • Mom of two boys (motherhood is my most profound teacher) 

  • Featured in HuffPost & Elite Daily 

What I do

I use the Enneagram, holistic health protocols, and life design elements to help you design a career that matters. 

I believe that everyone has the same purpose -- to live a human experience, fully alive and fully present. How we each individually choose to live that out can look a thousand different ways. 

I'm here to help you figure out what that looks like for your unique life. 

My Approach

Let's be email friends.

You can start designing your career today, so that you can start doing more of what matters. Let's connect to see how!

See you soon!

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