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Functional Medicine Health Coaching to reconnect the intrinsic healer within you to the regenerative capacity of the Earth, for a world of health and wholeness.



Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

It took me nearly 25 years to realize it but essentially growing up on a farm taught me everything I needed to know about human health and wellbeing. As a Wisconsin born and raised now expat to Scotland, I’m a health coach who works at the intersection of functional medicine and regenerative agriculture. 

What this means is that nature’s ecosystem blueprint for growth and health helps us identify our own “why” for our own growth and health. As we know, our health is directly tied to the foods we eat, which actually means that the farm is where our health comes from, and that the health of our world’s soil has a direct impact on the health of the world’s citizens. 


As a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach, I facilitate spaces for people to move back to health and wholeness through a reconciliation process with the Earth and with the generations who brought them forth. The functional medicine approach to health coaching is a whole systems approach, where we use the stories and connections of your lifestyle to co-create an ecosystem for you to uniquely thrive within. Similarly to how farms and therefore soils thrive, it’s the connections that give us the greatest clues. So, instead of simply managing symptoms, we use our ecosystem tools such as nutrition, movement, stress reduction, sleep, and relationships to move you towards a right relationship with people, place, and yourself. 

It’s my greatest joy to join folks along their journey towards health and wholeness, to be a guide in reconnecting them back to meaning and purpose.

What I Offer

Journey of Intrinsic Health

Join me as your coach for an 8 week course with Dr. Zach Bush, MD, as we journey together through and to your innate, intrinsic health through fuel, water, rest, play, be, move, breathe, and connect. Both group coaching and 1:1 coaching is available through the program. More information can be found at the Journey of Intrinsic Health.


Use code COACHKRISTYN at checkout for $50 off your program of choice. 

Berkey Water Filter

Water is so critically important for optimal health. I believe that we cannot live well if we are not hydrated well. Unfortunately, our drinking water supply is contaminated with all kinds of agrochemicals, heavy metals, and even pharmaceutical drugs, which is why my family uses a Berkey Water Filter. Berkey's filter all this out and more, and because it doesn't rely on electricity to work, it's also the ultimate emergency tool as well. Use this link to buy your own! 

Check out your best option here

Serenity Kids Baby & Toddler Food

I'm the pickiest mom when it comes to feeding my child. I look for the highest nutrient density, lowest amount of toxins, and I'm always wanting to know who grew or produced my food. However, my family and I are often on the road and traveling, which makes having this kind of food readily available quite a challenge. Enter, Serenity Kids. These baby and toddler foods are grown in nutrient dense soils and are third party tested against contaminants and heavy metals. Use this link for 15% off your first order! 

Use this link to get 15% off your first order! 

Purium Herbal Apothecary

My life changed when I started eating for soil health, which basically means eating nutrient dense, low- or no-toxin foods. I partner with Purium because they have a line of herbal allies and remedies that support me to show up fully for my own life. I highly recommend the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation or the Core 4 to get started! 

Use the code CONNECTIONISHEALTH at checkout for 25% off your order! 

Ion Biome 

Your health starts in your gut, but unfortunately so much in our toxic world wreaks havoc on our guts. Glyphosate, preservatives, medication, and stress are just a few parts of daily life that negatively impact our gut health and therefore our overall health. Ion Biome uses actual soil compounds to rebuild your gut lining. After all, our gut microbiomes are a direct reflection of the soil we encounter! 

Use this link to learn more about Ion Biome and order yours today! 

The Soil Collective Podcast

The Soil Collective Podcast is a conversation between farmers, ranchers, doctors, and healers of many kinds all centered around the important topic of, you guessed it, soil. Soil is the common ground among us that quite literally determines the way we show up in the world. Join us for insight into the food system, your health, and the state of agriculture wherever you love to listen to podcasts most

What I Believe


Not only can we maintain health, but we can become healthier through understanding our unique design and the environments we create. This usually means restoring ancestral ways of living that create greater health and well-being for humans and the ecosystems that we belong to. It begins with understanding how we live in right relationship with nature and how we see ourselves as inextricably connected to the earth.


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