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Your Guide to Designing a Career that Matters
(in 3 steps!)

Design a career you love so that you can do more of what matters


What if you could get out of the grind doing the career you think you should be doing and spend more time doing what makes you come alive, doing more of what matters to you? 

This easy to follow three step guide provides you with everything you need to know about designing a career that matters to you. This is the exact process I used and honed over 12 years, and now I’m sharing it with you to do more of what matters in a fraction of the time. 

Friend, I get it. Perhaps...

You’re a career-driven woman but not at the expense of your family, health, life, etc.


You wonder how you’re ever going to have enough energy to work until your retirement 

You long to spend your time doing something that really matters to you. 

You desire more control over your working environment and schedule 

You feel like your current career was chosen out of necessity and not out of desire or inspiration 

You have always felt slightly discontent and like there’s something more out there for you 

The traditional career advice and approaches are yielding results for you. 

You’re on the treadmill of burnout and exhaustion.

Well, imagine this:

  • You walk through life feeling totally aligned and grounded, doing what matters to you while making an income for you and your family. 

  • You wake up feeling refreshed and excited about the day because you’re no longer in the cycle of exhaustion and burnout. 

  • You have full control over your working environment and schedule in a way that supports the many commitments and responsibilities you have in life. 

  • You don’t fret about how many more years you have to work because the life you’re living supports the long game.

  • Guilt is no longer your ever-present companion because you feel present in your work and with your family. 

  • You have time for your morning (or evening!) routine and doing what makes you come alive

  • You have a hard time relating to the struggles of other working parents because you created a life that’s different. 


Nourished Worklife: 3 Steps to Designing a Career That Matters 

You can start being totally present to the life you’re living by designing a career that matters to you.

Each step to designing your career explained and supported.  

Your journey includes...

Step One

Learn your fears, motivations, and desires with the help of the Enneagram

Step Two

 Nourish yourself with holistic health practices that support your being 

Step Three

Design career opportunities for yourself utilizing career design

See what others are saying...


This is not just another career course telling you all the right things you need to do to get a new job.

Designing a career you love and living a life that matters doesn’t come from having a stellar resume and a groovy LinkedIn profile.


Those things can support your career journey, but it isn’t until you’re living in alignment with yourself and the things that matter most to you that your career will finally be fulfilling to you. 


How do I know this? Well, I’ve spent the past 12 years working with people on their careers and their health, and learned there’s a common pattern among all people – Doing more of what matters requires your whole self to come alive.


Tweaking your resume doesn’t have that kind of power. 


This is the exact journey I went on myself and with thousands of others to discover how to design a career that truly matters to you, and I’m bringing it to you to do the same in a fraction of the time. 


I don’t talk the tactical. I talk about what it takes to live a life of alignment all the way down to the very cells in your body. 


So many women have already set themselves free to live a life that’s reflective of who they are and how they desire to live their lives: 

Be nourished and live a life doing more of what matters.

Say “yes” to the journey of coming home to yourself by designing the career that lets you do more of what matters to you. 


Consider this the blueprint for bringing your career life and your personal life into complete alignment. 

Pause here. 

Nourished Worklife Is NOT for People …


  • Who are looking for a magic pill that can get them the next job. 

  • Who think they will do more of what matters by checking off the boxes (no resume writing or interviewing tips here!) 

  • Who don’t want to tap into their inner world to take action in their outer world 


If you are one of them, I have bad news for you. It doesn’t work like this. Don’t waste your time reading this page. I don’t have any magic pill for you.


Nourished Worklife is IDEAL For People …


  • Who are ready to set down the old way of doing things that isn’t serving them anymore 

  • Who are being called to do something more aligned with their days 

  • Who are ready to go on a personal journey to get the results they are looking for 


If that sounds like you, welcome! 

You want to do more of what matters… and I’m here to help you!

Hey friend, I’m Kristyn, and I’ve been in career and health coaching for over 12 years.  


I truly believe in one thing:


You can’t think your way into a better career and working life. You have to engage your entire being to make it happen. 


So many women have been told all the checkboxes to move up in their careers, but they’re being left with more burnout, more exhaustion, and feeling more discontent than ever. 


And as a result, they’re stopping work altogether. 


And that breaks my heart. 


That's why I'm on a mission...


The mission is to help driven women design their careers so that they can do more of what matters. 


If you are one of them…


…then I’m here to help you.

Image by Keith Hardy

Your time is NOW. 

Your Investment:

One time Payment of $47

Did someone say Bonuses?!

Includes these bonuses to ensure you have EVERYTHING you need to be successful. 

  • A comprehensive guide to the Enneagram (value: $100)

  • Life Design planning workbook (value: $53 )

  • Support directly from me! (value: $250)

Your discontent ends right now.

If you’re ready to start living a life that is fully in alignment to who you are and what matters most to you, I’ve got you covered, friend. Order now and start living the life that is truly meant to be yours.


Let me answer some questions...

Q: How is this different than any other “find your purpose” career course? 

A: Well, first things first. I have the unpopular opinion that we all have the same purpose – and that’s to live life fully alive in our human-ness. How we express aliveness can look thousands of different ways depending on what matters to you and your responsibilities in this life. This course isn’t about what to do to get the next best job. It’s about understanding who you are and how you show up in the world so that you can start designing in the direction that aligns with that vision. You can think about this as your fully embodied career course. 



Q: I’m so busy. How will I have time to do this? 

A: The good news is that once you buy the course, it’s yours forever! So, you can go through each step as it calls to you and as you have the time and energy to devote to it. 



Q: I don’t know what I want to do or how I want my life to look. Is this still a good course for me? 

A: You’re in the exact right place! You don’t need to know what a life well lived looks or feels like to you, because that’s all part of the journey that you’ll go on in this course.

I'm Ready

Normally: $450 

Now: $47

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